Our Hotel Partners

At the Kingdom of Bhutan


Zhingkham Resort is a brand new hotel in Punakha perched on a cliff. It overlooks the beautiful Punakha Dzong & river, as well as the surrounding hills. You can get amazing views from your room & the restaurant. Rooms are clean & modern, with little bungalows that house 1-4 rooms each & have common living rooms. It feels like a romantic log cabin. There is also a spa, bar, restaurant. It is the best place to stay in Punakha, given its price vs location.


Drubchhu is a family owned and managed resort. Overlooking paddy fields and farm houses, Drubchhu is developed on the ruins of an old granary which was built by Zhabdung Jigme Choegyal more than a hundred years ago. The property has a natural spring believed to be a Drubchhu (healing/miraculous water). Simple and hearty meals are served with consistency by our young kitchen staff.

Drubchhu has a panoramic view of paddy fields which, through the seasons always provide a picturesque scene of rural Bhutan. Drubchhu is shaded by giant pine trees which are believed to be the homes of ‘lues’ or ‘nagas’, the serpentine protectors and long-time inhabitants of the area.


Namgay Heritage Hotel in Thimphu was built on the concept that guests to our country come to experience the culture, history and the way of life of the people of Bhutan but deserve to do so in a manner suited to their sensibilities.

If you are looking for a hotel that reflects the culture and traditions of Bhutan and at the same time offers you all the amenities of a truly modern hotel, it is our sincere belief, that we should be your hotel of choice. Modern comfort and traditional Bhutan are not mutually exclusive and Namgay Heritage Hotel takes great pride in that.


Ariya is a contemporary hotel which seamlessly blends local heritage and modern comforts within its graceful architecture of clean lines and open spaces.

Enjoy our range of facilities, which include banquet, conference hall and lounge, a restaurant offering international and local cuisine, bar, café and the Ariya Touch Spa.


Naksel, a community-based project that is eco-friendly and Energy Saver efficient, blends the heritage of traditional Bhutanese architecture and the comfort of modern amenities. Elaborate hand-carved pillars and beautiful stonework exemplify the essence of Bhutan while tapered mud-brick walls provide insulation and restful silence. Leading Bhutan in energy efficiency, Naksel features Swedish under floor heating systems, LED lighting, and highly efficient water heaters, preheated by solar panels. Main construction materials for Naksel are indigenous and locally purchased. Traditional windows, mud-bricks, framework and even furniture were locally crafted here in Ngoba Village, connecting Naksel to the surrounding forest.

Adorned with cultural beauty, rooted in the peace of nature…

This is Naksel. Simply Elegant.


Tenzinling is an intimate, family run resort. Located in a strategic location it gives a bird-eye full view of the Paro valley with a spectacular Paro Dzong in the background. All the 21 rooms have been oriented to give the view of the Dzong. Built in the ancestral land, the resort is surrounded by a small village amidst apple orchards and rice fields. We would like to welcome you to come and experience the taste of Bhutanese hospitality at Tenzinling.

Over at Tenzinling, we live by the philosophy: Giving personal care to our guests.


Combining aman, the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’, and kora or ‘circular pilgrimage’ in the Bhutanese language.

Amankora is a unique circuit of lodges set throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan’s central and western valleys. Historically isolated, each valley’s scenic beauty and topography afford visitors an opportunity for unique journeys thru them.


Como Uma Paro:
Just 10 minutes from Bhutan’s main airport, Como Uma Paro perches proudly on a Himalayan mountainside, flanked by thick pine forest with views over laid-back Paro town. One of the remote kingdom’s only boutique hotels, it offers elegant interiors, gorgeous food, a pampering Como Shambhala spa and a cool pool amid mind-bending beautiful scenery.

Como Uma Punakha:
Uma by COMO, Punakha, is an intimate, eleven room luxury lodge located at the far western end of Bhutan’s lush Punakha Valley. Set on a secluded hilltop overlooking the scenic head waters of the Mo Chu River, Uma Punakha is COMO Hotels and Resorts’ all new Himalayan adventure retreat – a romantic mountain hideaway offering guests exceptional access to some of Bhutan’s most celebrated landscapes and historic sites, including the famous Temple of the Divine Madman and the imposing Punakha Dzong. With nine hillside Valley View rooms, and two richly appointed, free-standing private Villas, Uma Punakha provides luxury in the wilderness in signature COMO style.